Toor Knives
Veteran of the United States Connor Toor works to make knives with the fundamental tenet of producing blades that are durable, dependable over time, constructed with superior materials, and priced affordably.
Connor experimented with military-issued blades in his San Diego backyard before starting Toor Knives.

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Anaconda – Ranger Green

The Anaconda in Ranger Green is back for a Limited Edition release! Named in honor of a 2002 operation that

Darter Knife

Darter Knife We’re proud to once again be collaborating with Haley Strategic Partners on one of the most unique fighting

F13 Tommy Axe

F13 Tommy Axe The latest edition to our growing axe family is the F13 Tommy axe, which is named after

Jank Shank

Jank Shank Knife We’ve updated the Jank Shank knife frame to better accommodate the new style of textured scale, while

Karsumba Knife

Toor Karsumba Knife We designed the Toor Karsumba Knife with traditional Karambit knife features like the curved blade, but removed

Krypteia Knife

Krypteia Knife As a concealable blade with a low profile KYDEX® sheath, our Krypteia has a proven track record of

Toor Anaconda

Toor Anaconda Named in honor of a 2002 operation that took place in the War in Afghanistan, the Toor Anaconda

Toor mullet

Toor mullet Knife We’ve always backed the “Business in the front, party in the back” philosophy, so we’re proud to

Toor Serpent

Toor Serpent If you’re looking for a tactical blade and space is a premium on your gear, then Toor Serpent


Viper knives The Viper knives are a Toor heritage knife classified as a Tactical, Concealable and Everyday Carry blade. Its